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General Info

Austin Slam Baseball

Austin Slam Baseball is a non profit organization (governed by Diamond Park, Inc.) and is one of the premier select amateur baseball organizations in the state of Texas. Membership is exclusive, and is by invitation only. Austin Slam Baseball was formed in 1986 and designed to provide a complete baseball experience for the exceptional amateur baseball player by providing the highest level of competition, player development and exposure to college and professional scouts.

Team Formation

Austin Slam Baseball is comprised of teams ranging from 7u all the way up to 18u. The 13u teams are made up of 7th graders, 14u teams are made up of 8th graders. 15u is made up of Freshmen in High school, 16u are Sophomores, 17u are Juniors and 18u are Seniors. Teams are formed through open tryouts and players are added to teams by Invitation only. Tryout dates are posted periodically on our website.

Spring Training

 Each year before the the Summer season begins Austin Slam Baseball holds our version of Spring Training. Spring Training lasts approximately 2 weeks and is comprised of practices, scrimmages, and individual training with all athletes in the Austin Slam program. Once Spring training is complete the coaches meet and review the player notes and form the team rosters for the upcoming Summer schedule.

Summer Schedules

Austin Slam Baseball teams from 15u to 18u play 6-8 Tournaments a summer and each team plays in a Premier National Championship tourney at the end of the summer. The 13u and 14u teams play in 8-10 tournaments and a Premier National Championship tourney at the end of the season.

Austin Slam Baseball Conduct

The Austin Slam Baseball Organzation's Players and Coaches are expected to conduct themselves in a first-class manner, both on and off the field. Our organization will continually stress good attitude, sportsmanship and the importance of mental composure to each player. Players within the Slam Organzation will learn to not only respect the game they play, but also respect their families and the people around them at all times.


Our fees for each season will be reasonable and affordable for each player and will include uniforms, caps, insurance, tournament fees, league expenses and everything except the player's travel expenses. For More infomation on our fees go to the Contact page and send us an email and we will be happy to get back with you ASAP.